Project details Name: Chevy Dealer Date: February 2022 Target: Service Drive Tags: Email, Geofencing, Conquest Showroom Visits 48 Case Study With this particular dealership, we targeted specific clients who are actively shopping in their market. We started by discovering how many clients have not only shopped at that particular dealership, but we also targeted the competitions dealerships. From this, we were able to ascertain the target audience and initiated an

Project details Name: Toyota Dealership Date: 2020-2022 Services: Full Service Digital Tags: Social Media, Geofencing Per RSV $21.85 Case Study A single rooftop Toyota dealer in the New Jersey area drove showroom visits by geo-conquesting. The competing dealerships in the vicinity were geo-fenced and buyers were shown ads of similar vehicles of interest. 320×50 and 300×250 dynamic banners where the 320×50 accounted for 87% of the total RSVs. A total of 88 competing dealers, Asian and domestic

Project details Name: Honda Dealership Date: 2020-2022 Strategy: Social Marketing Tags: Social Media, Geofencing Per RSV $24.88 Case Study We drove more than 600 Registered Showroom Visits in a quarter to a single rooftop Honda dealer in the Miami area with mobile geo-fencing advertising. With a combination of geo-conquesting and in-market audiences, we targeted buyers close to the purchasing stage. 320×50 and 300×250 dynamic banners with both offer-specific and general brand messaging. The offer specific message accounted for

Jul 2021

Insurance Agency

Project details Name: Insurance Agency Date: January 2022 Service: Sales Funnel Tags: SEO, Social Media, PPM Per Lead $4.75 Case Study This particular agency is purchasing leads nationwide and then giving them out to all of their agents. Most of them were aged leads that were over 60 days old. Our solution gave them more control over the leads coming in as well as they could filter out the criteria